Tastebud's Montreal-Style Bagels Pizza

About Montreal-style Bagels:

Tastebud bagels are inspired by rustic, hand-formed, wood-fired Montreal-style bagels. Smaller, denser, but equally as filling as their New York counterparts, our bagels have a crisp exterior that compliments their soft and chewy inside. Tastebud bagels are boiled in malt water and then baked at high temperatures, giving them a distinctive appearance and adding to their unique flavor. Tastebud bagels are best enjoyed the day they are baked, but they can also be frozen to preserve their freshness (slice before freezing if they will be going right from freezer to toaster oven!).

For more info, check out Wikipedia's page dedicated to Montreal-style bagels.

Bagel Cart:
Bagel cart now CLOSED


We carry the three traditional Montreal-Style flavors -- sesame seed, poppy seed and plain, and offer four additional flavors -- salt, black pepper, leek and everything.

You Can Find Our Bagels At:

New Seasons Market-located in the self-serve bread section
Seven Corners
Arbor Lodge
Mt Park in Lake Oswego

Hawthorne (Friday and Saturday)
NW 21st (Saturday only)

Alberta Co-op

Local Cafe's
Oblique Coffee Roasters

If you have a favorite cafe, please suggest they carry our bagels!
To get bagels delivered to your office, please email us at info@tastebudfarm for more information.

Wholesale Information:

To learn more about carrying our bagels in your store, café or restaurant, email us for more information.


Or, call the bakery to talk to someone. 503.234.0330

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